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RIDE battery technology

As the safest battery technology, RIDE Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery provides the longest life time to customers

BYD Safety

RIDE revolutionary Iron-Phosphate Batteries are completely non-toxic and safe even in the most extreme conditions

BYD Drivetrain

RIDE drivatrain has an integrated system that allows RIDE to optimize and achieve highest levels of performance

electric motor &
vehicle control

RIDE has over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing advanced battery systems, and today has grown to become of the largest manufacturers of safe and reliable commercial and industrial battery systems in the world.

Unmatched Battery

battery technology

RIDE Iron Phosphate Battery Systems are designed and manufactured to provide safe, consistent and reliable energy in the most demanding applications. RIDE Iron Phosphate chemistry was originally designed for utility-scale energy systems that require up to 30 years of service. This extremely stable and reliable battery chemistry is capable of cycling thousands of times with minimal degradation, making it ideal for powering battery-electric buses.

Rigorous Safety
Altoona Testing

RIDE Iron Phosphate Batteries must pass a rigorous safety testing program that includes tests such as crushing, puncture, impact, vibration, thermal shock, water submersion, corrosion, short circuit, and more. RIDE batteries are designed to remain stable under the most extreme conditions including destructive testing. With RIDE proprietary Iron Phosphate Battery Technology, you can be confident that your buses are powered by the safest, longest lasting and highest reliability battery systems in the world.

For RIDE buses operators, safety is paramount. This is why RIDE is focused on designing its buses to exceed federal safety requirements.

Safety Battery


  • Environmentally friendly: No heavy metals or toxic chemicals.
  • Long life: After 10,000 cycles, the battery retains 70% of its original capacity, which enables us to provide a 12-year warranty—the longest in the industry.
  • Safe: Tested in the most extreme conditions
  • Excellent performance in extreme temperatures: Reliable operation from – 40° F to 140° F.

Safest Battery.

RIDE lithium iron phosphate batteries are the industry’s safest, longest-lasting and most versatile power source. Founded as a battery company in 1995, RIDE is now one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers.


Samples from each batch must pass rigorous impact, drop, vibration and external fire testing befor being released for electrifc vehicle integration.


RIDE batteries have been road-proven in over 800,000 passenger cars and over 50,000 electric buses across the world.


A 10-year track record and millions of on-road miles means RIDE batteries are built to last.


The RIDE Powertrain system provides optimal bus performance and maximum efficiency. Each component is thoughtfully amalgamated in a vertically integrated design approach to yield one synergetic system including the motor, controllers, and batteries – all of which are developed, designed, and manufactured by RIDE.

Reliable & Efficient

Efficient Drivetrain

The RIDE Electric Bus powertrain system is paired with RIDE signature Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery packs, which are among the safest and longest lasting in the industry. The powertrain system is also integrated with RIDE “Multi-in-One” High Voltage Controller to minimize power consumption relative to actual wheel output, and ultimately reduce overall bus operating costs. Due to our years of experience, integrated electric powertrain systems are a RIDE core competency, with thousands of electric buses successfully operating globally each day in transit and shuttle service.

Advanced Drivetrain Technology

RIDE racecar-inspired, twin electric, electronically controlled traction motors are located directly in the wheel hubs on each side of the rear drive axle, along with angle-cut, planetary gear sets. This combination of design factors removes the need for combustion, an engine compartment, a driveshaft, or a transmission—providing safer, lower-maintenance, higher-efficiency, continuous smooth motion. With all major components manufactured by RIDE, this system is configured compactly for efficiency, space and weight benefits.

Performance & Technology


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