Contact if you need help or support when using the RIDE app. For other general enquiries, you may contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I download the RIDE app?

For iOS devices – Download here
For Android devices – Download here

Alternatively, search ‘RIDE’ in both App and/or Google Play store.

Is RIDE available in my city?

RIDE is currently available in Melbourne. RIDE will soon be accessible to other parts of Australia.

How do I create a RIDE account?

  1. Click on the hamburger slider menu (top left) when you arrive on the RIDE map screen then tap on the Log In or Register button.
  2. Enter a valid mobile number, then verify the pin number sent to you.
  3. Register your basic details such as name and email address.
  4. Take a photo or upload a picture of your national ID or driver’s licence both front and back.
  5. Enter your credit/debit card details to proceed.
  6. Finally, create a six-digit password to complete the registration process.

I’m a tourist, can I use RIDE?

Provided that you have a mobile SIM in your device with data, you are able to use RIDE in Australia. You can register for a RIDE account with your driving licence or passport.

Do I need a helmet when using RIDE?

YES! Helmets aren’t just the law, they save lives. Always wear a helmet to protect yourself when riding on the road! Be alert of your surrounding and make sure both hands are always on the handlebar.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency call 000 directly. For all other incidents or issues, simply contact our support team at

For more information on how to use RIDE, download the RIDE app for more FAQ.