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Adelaide based e-scooter group RIDE and SE Asia’s biggest operator Neuron win SA coast contract

Adelaide-based RIDE and Singapore’s Neuron have secured the contract to provide e-scooters along Adelaide’s metropolitan coastline.

RIDE will provide 250 new yellow scooters for coastal tracks at a cost of 30c a minute.

It will complement 500 scooters already operating in the Adelaide CBD.

RIDE chief executive Tom Cooper said his company was happy to be involved with Neuron.

“We haven’t worked with them before but we’ll work cooperatively to ensure the venture is a success,” Mr Cooper said.

“It’s in all of our best interests to make e-scooters a success. This is a big deal for us and we will work closely with councils to bring it all to fruition.”

State Government approvals are required before the start of a three-month trial, but the operators are hoping it will be before the end of summer.

“There’s still some hoops to jump through but we’re optimistic,” said operations manager Toby Pym.

“It would have been best to begin in summer with more people at the beach but we’ll be ready to go whenever the approvals come through.”

The Local Government Association organised the tender process for coastal councils Port Adelaide Enfield, Charles Sturt, Marion, and Holdfast Bay that will have scooters available from Outer Harbor to Seacliff.

Jayden Bryant from Neuron, South-East Asia’s leading shared electric scooter service, said his company was pleased to have a first operation in South Australia

Neuron operates in Brisbane and has secured contracts in Darwin and Auckland, and will also have 250 of its orange scooters at the coast.

“This is a highly competitive market but we’re here to stay,” Mr Bryant said.

“We’ve applied to operate in the Adelaide CBD as well so hopefully you’ll see us out in the city soon.”

Priced at $1 to unlock, and around 30c a minute to use, the scooters, launched in Adelaide in February, have proven popular for avoiding traffic congestion.

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