Press Release

Sunday Trial at St Kilda as Scooter Revolution Strikes Melbourne

The electronic scooter revolution is about to sweep through Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. The amazing popularity of kerbside scooters-for-rent across America and Europe means they are about to be catapulted into Melbourne. Transport experts say Melbourne could soon have more than 1000 scooters available at hubs around the city and suburbs.


Local company Ride On Australia will trial the scooters tomorrow;

Sunday, November 4:12 pm (noon)

Luna Park Entrance

Lower Esplanade St.Kilda


Under VicRoads regulation the scooters can only travel at 10kmh, however, there is a debate about speed as some scooters can travel at 25 km/h.


VicRoads is also considering whether scooters should be allowed on footpaths, bike tracks, bike lanes, suburban streets and roads.


Ride On Australia co-founder and acting chief executive Aaron Weinberg said: “We are eager to create partnerships with local organizations and to work collaboratively with local, state and federal government in order to create a more sustainable transportation network in this amazing country, and have spoken to Yarra, Port Phillip, Bayside and Frankston councils as well as Bicycle Network Australia and VicRoads on these matters.”


“We are also looking to highlight various local charities by donating a percentage of all revenue generated in order to help support the very communities that help support us. Just last week we linked with The Royal Children’s Hospital and designated them as the first charity we will donate and bring additional awareness to. RIDE also has offered to work and met with the Good Friday Appeal as it is in our charter that we dedicate a percentage of all revenue generated to community-based charitable organizations.”

The trial will gauge public acceptance of Ride On Australia’s innovations in the shared mobility market, by using such indicators as safety, ease of use and enjoyment.