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When you RIDE with us, you're not only having a good time getting around town but you're also helping the community you live in and the environment at the same time.

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RIDE is Community based

RIDE is an Australian owned and operated company. You can rest easy knowing that the money you spend with RIDE stays in the very same neighbourhoods that you live in.

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RIDE is environmentally friendly

All RIDE scooters are ZERO EMISSION that bring no harm to the environment. All of our decommissioned scooters are recycled and what cannot be recycled will be disposed of in a sustainable way.

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RIDE is socially responsible

To encourage a safe and courteous riding experience, RIDE encourages all users to strictly follow the rules when riding. We also work closely with local businesses and governments to ensure that none of our scooters cause a hindrance in any way to anyone.

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Your safety and that of your community come first. As fun as they may be, electric scooters are not toys and they can be dangerous if not operated responsibly. Please keep the following simple yet very important rules in mind when you're taking your next RIDE for a cruise.

Designated areas!

Ride in designated areas

Follow all local road rules. Do not ride on sidewalks or in other areas that could interfere with vehicle or pedestrian traffic.


Watch where you park

Park your scooter near bike racks or designated scooter parking areas. Keep footpaths, driveways, entrance ways, and fire hydrants clear.

Pay attention!

Pay attention to your environment

Keep your eyes on the road. Make sure you look in every direction before making any turns!

Hands on!

Keep hands on the handlebars

This means no coffee, water bottles or phones in hand while riding. This is for your safety and those around you.


Rules when you ride

You must be 18+ with a valid driver license and obey all applicable traffic laws and signs.

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Think helmet

Helmets aren't just the law, they save lives. Shared scooters are new to Australia. Protect yourself while we adapt to having a cleaner form of transport integrated into society