Sky’s the Limit

The sky’s the limit with high-capacity, high-speed, and low construction cost transportation options. SkyRail and SkyShuttle offer state-of-the-art solutions for urban transportation.

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SkyRail is a real, smart alternative

SkyRail is a fully integrated, driverless, state-of-the-art straddle monorail system that incorporates all of the features needed for rigorous line-haul, high-capacity urban transit applications.

Seamless and innovative. SkyRail is a proven technology

SkyRail technology is integrated into several of the world’s largest modern cities including São Paulo, Bangkok, Cairo, Tokyo and Chongqing, all which had existing Heavy Rail Transit (HRT) for high-capacity needs.

  • 10,000 – 30,000 passengers per hour each way
  • 75 mph top operating speed
  • Battery electric

The most viable solution

Low construction cost – SkyRail can cost as little as one-fifth of the cost of a subway.

This is because the SkyRail requires less tunneling, demolition and construction, making it more profitable for operators concerned with the financial burden of building and maintaining a subway system. 

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Sepulveda Corridor – California LA SkyRail Express

The LA SkyRail Express Team was awarded a Pre-Development Agreement contract by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) for the 20-mile long, multi-billion dollar, Sepulveda Corridor project, which LA Metro is proposing to implement as a P3 undertaking.

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