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RIDE offers a range of financing options tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to operate a smaller or larger fleet, we are here to help you navigate this process.

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Leasing made easy

We recognize that purchasing commercial vehicles can be a complex and daunting process. To help you navigate this process, please view our leasing options below to determine the best choice for you.

Operating Lease

An operating lease offers regular payments and the option to purchase the vehicle at the end. It reduces monthly costs compared to a loan and is ideal for vehicles that retain value.

  • Lower monthly payments than a traditional loan
  • No money down with approval credit
  • Payments are off the balance sheet, opening up more borrowing opportunities

True Lease

A true lease sets a predetermined residual cost and allows you to purchase the vehicle at the end. It offers greater control and peace of mind for lessees focusing on their business.

  • Lower monthly payments than a traditional loan
  • More control over the financing terms
  • You retain the tax benefits of the lease as a result of payments staying on your books

Finance Lease

The finance lease functions like a loan, with regular payments leading to vehicle ownership. It is ideal for customers seeking a clear path to owning their RIDE systems.

  • No residual value accruing interest over time
  • No money down necessary with approval credit
  • Fastest path to ownership

EV as a Service

EV as a service, similar to software-as-a-service models, allows you to operate the latest RIDE electric vehicles through a consistent payment structure. It benefits all types of customers and offers customizable payment criteria.

  • Payments are off the balance sheet opening up more borrowing opportunities
  • Always have the most up-to-date RIDE vehicles
  • Guaranteed up time for your vehicles

Municipal Lease

Through a municipal lease local governments can finance vehicles without a voter referendum. It operates like a loan with a mandatory $1 residual. This option is ideal for government agencies, public universities, school districts, airports and hospitals.

  • Lowest payment option
  • Cancelable at any time
  • No voter requirement

Trac Lease

In a trac lease, we offer a model where we share residual risk and upside with our commercial customers, keeping costs low and providing a known and affordable path to ownership.

  • Lower monthly payments
  • More control over financing terms
  • Payments are off the balance sheet, opening up more borrowing opportunities

Charging Infrastructure

RIDE battery-electric buses have various charging capabilities that can be tailored to meet all our customers’ needs. Our buses can be powered using overhead charging, wireless charging and plug-in charging. 

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